Do you struggle to manifest your talents and bring them 'down to earth'?

Do you feel you don't quite belong but still have something important to offer?

Do you sometimes feel you have a unique task or mission to fulfil?

Do you ever feel you come from somewhere else, that you are an empath, or might be a 'star soul'?

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Soul Gifts Programme with Tonya G. Christie

Have you always had a sense of a unique 'mission' to fulfil? Do you have a passion that fills your life with purpose, or a soul yearning that lights you up?

What’s blocking you, what’s stopping you from uncovering, feeling, expressing that thing?

This six-month transformational course is designed to help you uncover your soul’s unique gifts so that you can express them more fully in your life and in the world. We’ll be looking at the unique issues that prevent ‘star souls’ like yourself from grounding their divine gifts – and we’ll work on clearing them so that you can start to embody more of these gifts in your work and your relationships and live a life that feels more aligned with who you truly are.

“Working with Tonya I feel so empowered. I feel several inches taller" — Coaching client

During the six-month programme we will:

Take you through a concrete assessment of where you’re at in terms of accessing and expressing your unique soul gifts.Identify what’s stopping you from expressing those gifts at all levels – mental, emotional, practical and spiritual. In a special live 3-day Soul Gifts retreat (included as part of your programme), we’ll work to clear the karmic blocks that are stopping you shining your light fully.In the 4th and 5th months, we’ll start to move into a real sense of how it looks and feels like to embody our unique gifts in the world and we’ll look at what may need to change in your life as a result. In the 6th month, we will look at how to ground the breakthroughs, spiritual insights and shifts that we have had over the course of the programme in a way that feels authentic to you. And, finally, we’ll work together to create a plan so that you feel confident on your next steps and can move forward from a place of being deeply connected to yourself
You can find important dates for the program on the Little White Feather website here.

Early Bird Discount Still Available!

Get a 20% discount on all programmes if you sign up by November 30th, 2018

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"The way that Tonya works feels like a combination of laser precision coaching, shamanic journeying, medical mediumship, past life regression, midwifery and innocent playfulness" — Coaching Client

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“Thank God I’ve found something that works.” — Coaching Client

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Your Investment for the Soul Gifts Programme

There are three levels at which you can engage with the Soul Gifts Programme

the group & individual programme level (recommended to those who want to get the maximum benefit from the programme) individual programme only, andgroup programme only.

“Thank you for your warmth, love and for making me feel safe and supported. Your course has given me confidence and hope that I can be a better person."

The Group & Individual programme

Includes two group sessions and one-to-one session a month, full programme benefits, PLUS free entry to March 2019 Soul Gifts retreat:

£497/ mo. for 6 months ($517 US, $849 Canadian, €568).

Special discount available to current/ past students and those coming via Openhand and Women’s Springboard.

"Your integrity and warmth infect everyone around you. Thank you for your authenticity and your uniqueness. This unique approach has been a big part of the experience."

The Individual Programme only (5 SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE)

Includes one-to-one session monthly, other programme benefits and free entry to March 2019 Soul Gifts retreat):

£397/mo. for 6 months/ ($517 US, $679 Canadian, €454).

Special discount available to current/ past students and those coming via Openhand and Women’s Springboard.

"Was powerful for me & got some stuff moving!" — Coaching Client

The Group Programme

Includes two group sessions and other programme benefits, including Pow-wow groups & daily support on dedicated Facebook group:

£297/mo. for six months ($387 US, $507 Canadian, €339).

Special discount available to current/ past students and those coming via Openhand and Women’s Springboard.

P.S. All those on the group & individual and individual programmes will get free entry to the March Soul Gifts retreat (£99 fully refundable seat deposit payable on booking). There will be an opportunity for a limited number of those on the group programme to attend the Soul Gifts retreat.

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